Our idea of DeFi

With Perpetual Farming, we are geared to perpetually provide value to grow the ecosystem, with each farm level focusing on a new aspect of DeFi within the Infinite ecosystem. Unlike the prevalence of tokens with no real use case and utility in many DeFi protocols, $INFINITY will be anchored on everyday application and real-life use, giving it intrinsic value.

Perpetual Leveled Farming

A new DeFi innovation is introduced at every level, bringing in its own finite supply token. The tokens earned at a previous Farm Level can still be used in the next level with a higher yield.

Communautarian defi

To ensure that all members of the community are carried along, there will be a weekly survey within our networks to determine the next coins or LPs to be admitted into our platform.

Multichain Ecosystem

The Infinite ecosystem will be anchored on Binance Smart chain and Polygon at launch and will expand on promising networks constantly.


Level 1

The very first Level will last 3 months and will launch $INFINITY, the ecosystem’s core token with a maximum supply of 15 000 tokens only, forever. It will ensure the takeoff of a Launchpad, InfiniteLaunch, the starting point of each IDO’s on the Infinite Ecosystem.

Yield Farming, Staking and Vaults


Stake your favorite crypto or liquidity pairs and get $INFINITY rewards. What we envisage goes beyond depositing tokens and earning, by implementing multiple actions that will give the utmost value to the community.




We will use our Launchpad to introduce new projects ready for take-off. It will allow the $INFINITY token holders to have a guaranteed allocation in exclusive pre-sales and be early-stage investors of upcoming mainstream projects.



$INFINITY is the first and main token of the Infinite Ecosystem. It will be powering all the Subunits of the ecosystem, which will introduce several mechanisms to increase the buying pressure of $INFINITY. By bringing a use case to the $INFINITY token in every level of our ecosystem, we perpetually create natural value for the holders.

back circcle
back circcle

Buy-Back and Burn

To use our platform, you will either need to buy the $INFINITE token, or to pay a 4% fees on the assets you stake, which will be used to buy $INFINITY and burn it, and therefore, naturally increase the value of $INFINITY.

High Scarcity

With a total deflationary supply of only 15 000 $INFINITY, our ecosystem will start with an in-built High Scarcity token. As the supply doubles for the next subunit token after each level is completed, the Infinite Ecosystem makes sure that “the earlier you come, the more you earn”.


Our marketing will emphasize on two main aspects, the social media part and the Communautarian Marketing part, which places value on growing a community, and making it the focal point of interaction (Whitelists instructions, Airdrops, and Referring programs).





  • Website Launch 1
  • Initial DEX offering
  • Security Audits
  • Pancake Swap Listing
  • Launch on BSC
  • Launch on Polygon
  • Launch of Farming, Staking and Vaults (Level 1)
  • Launch of InfiniteLaunch (Launch Pad)
  • 1st IDO on InfiniteLaunch
  • Aggressive Marketing Campaign
  • Several TOP 10 CEX Listing
  • 2nd and 3rd IDO on InfiniteLaunch
  • Launch of Lending platform : InfiniteLend (Level 2)
  • Expansion to Fantom
  • Expansion to Avalanche
  • Aggressive Marketing Campaign 2.0 (Mainstream)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • $INFINITY Max Supply Reached
  • End of Level One Farm
  • Launch of the CrossChain DEX
  • Strategic Partnerships

Meet Our Team

Crypto Kong

Founder and Lead Dev


Design Director


Chef Marketing Officer